Pops n Bangs

What is Pops & Bangs and how it works?

You have probably heard the pop & bang even on some cars that haven’t been modded. They are of far lower intensity and usually found only on sports cars, but the possibility of aftermarket mods which can bring the massive sound to almost any car has made it incredibly popular in the recent years. And, yes, you can now have it on diesels as well.

After the throttle pedal is released, the fuel delivery is not cut off immediately. It is delayed in order to provide fuel delivery during deceleration as well.
Then we retard ignition timing. The ignition causing a flame front happen later than usual and this causes the flame front to to take place inside the cylinder, but also in the space that connects the valves and the exhaust giving us the desired sound.


Are pops and bangs safe?

If these modifications are made by professionals then no, you don't have anything to worry about.


Also know as

Decelaration map, Crackle map, Anti-lag system, PopCorn, Pop on overrun